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plasma lcd televisions parts and components

Seattle, WA

we sell parts and components for repair shops servicing plasma ,lcd and led televisions 15 % discount if you buy two or more items free shipping in USA and CANADA free shipping in USA and CANADA free shipping in USA and CANADA MP02008 POWER SUPPLY NS-LDVD26Q-10Aqal0754-001 main board jvc-32x506cef198a power supply sharp lc-20sh20uLJ41-02016A Y SUS BOARD SAMSUNG PLASMAToshiba 42HL196 Main digital Unit PE0140 V28A000133A1acer CIU11-T0003A INVERTOR BOARDWESTINGHOUSE LTV-32w6 2970055002 MAIN BOARD WESTINGHOUSET.RSC7.11A9537 MAIN BOARD RCA 32LA30RQ1-881-636-21 or a1749758a main board sony kdl-32ex3081lg4b10y02200 n4ts main board sanyo dp19648qal0757-001 power supply jvc lt-32x506KC307 OR QPWBXC307WJN1 TUNER BOARD SHARP LC-37GD7UA1653702A OR 1-878-791-11 LCD CONTROL BOARD SONY KDL-40XBR9A1663218A OR 1-878-688-11 POWER SUPPLY BOARD SONY KDL-40XBR91-878-621-12 AND 1-878-620-12 TWO INVERTORS FOR SONY KDL-40XBR9VIT71008.50 INVERTOR BOARDVIZIO P50HDTV10A 3850-0042-0150 (2C) 0171-2272-21624h.v1448.691/c1 invertor board sony kdl-32s30001-873-477-12 or aa1273105a main board sony kdl-32s300006a90-1b or t315xw02 ve cb t con board sony kdl-32s3000MPF4305 OR PCPF0127 POWER SUPPLY TOSHIBA 47LX196Toshiba 47HL196 Main digital Unit PE0140 V28A000133A14H.V1838.341/F2 INVERTOR BOARD TOSHIBA 47HL1964H.V1838.351/E2 INVERTOR BOARD TOSHIBA 47HL196RDENCA067WJZZ OR MPF3608 POWER SUPPLY BOARD SHARP LC-37GD7Ulj41-06269a y sustain board samsung pn50b860y2fbn44-00277a power supply board samsung pn50b860y2fbn94-02821a bn97-03137a or bn41-01170b main board samsung pn50b860y2flj41-06268a x sustain board samsung pn50b860y2f6632l-0313a or ypnl-m025c invertor board hp LP3065PA-3171-2-LF POWER SUPPLY HP LP30656870C-0093C T CON BOARD HP LP3065LTE250U-T441-R EMPREX POWER SUPPLYPANASONIC TH-42PHW5 Power Supply Board TNPA2438Panasonic TNPA2426 AG D-1 Board for TH-42PHW56632l-0487a invertor board vizio vo47lfhdtv10a0171-2272-2425 or 3647-0082-0150(5a) main board vizio VO47L FHDTV10APE0541 OR V28A000722B1 MAIN BOARD TOSHIBA 42RV530UPANASONIC TH-42PHW5 SS BOARD TNPA2435Panasonic TV Module TNPA24346870c-0310d lcd control board panasonic tc-l42u22TNPH0857 MAIN BOARD PANASONIC TC-L42U22Panasonic TNPA2427 AC D-2 Board for TH42-PHD5UYRCA - RE46AY1450 Power board for RCA 32LA30RQ. OEM part # AYL260407LG SD CARD READER 6871TST935B/ ATA16V2M2C4-LGDID2 for LG 32LX1D-UATOSHIBA 65HM167 COLOR WHEEL AND DMD BOARD 00.L9002G001 VER.DTNPA2816 MAIN BOARD PANASONIC TH-42PD20s9102-2 or 48.71s06.021 main board sony kdl-40ex400fhd-mb4-c2lv1.4 t con board sony kdl-40ex400tnpa2884ab board panasonicTNPA4467 POWER SUPPLY PANASONIC TX-32LZD80 PANASONIC TX-37LZD80RPB-6486 OR V71A00001100 BALLAST BOARD TOSHIBA 65HM167XC807WJ OR KC807 LCD CONTROL BOARD SHARP LC-37GD7UPE0310A-1 POWER SUPPLY TOSHIBA 65HM167PE0361A OR V28A00043601 MAIN BOARD FOR TOSHIBA 65HM167s460hsc4lv1.0 lcd control board polaroid 46" lcd tvLCA908111 POWER SUPPLY LT-32P679KC641 OR XC641WJ MAIN BOARD SHARP LC-37GD7URUNTCA080WJN2 AND RUNTKA081WJN2 TWO INVERTOR BOARDS SHARP LC-37GD7Ult-37xm48 main board lca10788 lcb10788-001b0171-2242-1052 main board gateway gtw-l17m103Panasonic TNPH0720 MAIN Board for TC-37LZ85 * TNPA3539AB PANASONIC LOGIC CONTROL BOARD 50" 06a22-1b or t370hw02 vo lcd control board jvc lt-37xm48SHARP AC ADAPTER AQUOS UADP-0243CEPZ LC-20B4US TVns-lcd26a main board 6HA0226910kb133de and kb132de inverter boards sharp 20" lcdaps-220/b or 1-869-132-41 power supply sony KDL-V32XBR220-WSC4LV1.1 LCD CONTROL BOARD SONY KDL-V32XBR2A06-126731 OR PCB2737 INVERTER BOARD SONY KDL-V32XBR2htm2002405ahsat power supply emprexJSK3220-007D OR 72100137 POWER SUPPLY RCA L37WD1297-390610 LCD CONTROL BOARD HITACHIEMPREX, INVC764 / HD-3201-02 / HD-3201AE HD-3201-02 INVERTERdtv-hlv87 main board toshiba 23hlv87 * B.SPDM5C CARD READER /VIDEO BOARD ISYMPHONY LCDM22IFH7 DVD DRIVE ASSEMBLY 09C25A1321A INSIGNIA NS-LDVD26Q-10ADTV32(DAM5)M-9000 MAIN BOARD INSIGNIA NS-LDVD26Q-10A kdl-v40xbr1 base stand MAIN VIDEO PCB VIZIO VP423 0171-2272-2751 pioneer 60" plasma digital board anp2219-b 1801-0530-6011 base sand vizio vo320e 40-001S86-MAD4XG OR NNA700261AMA0340 MAIN BOARD RCA L26WD21 81-PBL027-XX0 OR B083-101 OR 4H.B0830.021/C4 POWER SUPPLY/INVERTOR RCA L26WD21 40-v260b1-tcb2xg lcd control board for rca L26WD21 bn94-01183j or bn41-00840b main board samsung ln-t3253h na18006-0002 or fpf10p-dc180a board sony pfm-500a3wv main board for samsung hln437w aa41-00695b 1-677-910-12 or a-1136-120-a main board sony pfm-500a3wv na21701-b441 logic for sony pfm-500a3wv sony kdl-46v4100 base stand ilo-32hd remote control rc-370c aps-136m or 1-677-939-12 sony power supply BA94H0G04013 MAIN HDMI BOARD PHILIPS 42PFL3704D/F7 BA94H0F01012-A INPUT BOARD PHILIPS 42PFL3704D/F7 BA94H0F0103 2-A POWER SUPPLY PHILIPS 42PFL3704D/F7 kdl27at23u or 35010211 main board visco vsc-37v3 4h.v1838.291/b invertor board visco vsc-37v3 P08-KC0-GF321XA MAIN BOARD POLAROID FLM-3232 0409D02044 OR 846-240-H3CZZS POWER SUPPLY POLAROID FLM-3232 e3731-058030-1 tuner board ilo pdp4210fa1 e3761-053020-1 tuner board ilo pdp4210fa1 eax42499101(7) or agf55627601 main board lg 42lg30 370wa02c t con board visco vsc-37v3 digital reserch wt322 main board b.zrat3c-1 7111 tom202cabb power supply digital reserch wt322 6870c-0204b t con board lg 42lg30 6632l-0502a or pnel-t716a invertor board lg 42lg30 eax40157602/0 or lgp42-08h power supply 42lg30 bl065001011 power supply sylvania 6842pe plasma jsk3240-006 or 72100030 power supply visco vsc-37v3 bl0650f01042 subpower supply sylvania 6842pe 6871qih001a power supply vizio 50" plasma bl0650g04011 main board sylvania 6842pe polaroid control box for flm-323b gf321xa/m1-01/a1-01 200-107-jk371ch rev c main board polaroid flm-323b tc18607a or 200-p00-mlt666-ah power supply polaroid flm-323b vit79001.52 invertor board for polaroid flm-323b full dvd assembly for rca l32hd32d ceg383a or ca0fe83051 main board rca l32hd32d etl-xpc-204t or ceg379a power supply/invertor board rca l32hd32d lj44-00049a power supply philips 42fd9935 polaroid flm-3732 base stand 200-107-jk371ch rev c main board for polaroid flm-3732 main board 312235722102 main board philips 42fd9935 6870c-0036d t con board hi46024bl-im invertor board master 6632l-0118h rev 08 invertor board philips 26pf5321d/37 26pf5321d/37 main board 310431360954 6632l-0117h rev 08 invertor board philips 26pf5321d/37 main board for element flx-3210 200-107-jl321xa-dh 782-27hu25-200c power supply insignia lc26 26" lcd tv 6632l-0371a invertor board for many lcd models aa41-00851b digital board samsung hln-467w PE0541 OR V28A000722A1 ,MAIN BOARD TOSHIBA 37RV530U bn96-10942a or bn97-03035m main board samsung ln40b550k1f 6632l-0372a invertor board bn44-00264a power supply samsung 40" 6632l-0457a invertor board vizio vx37l 0171-2272-2174 or 3637-0112-0150(4a) main board vizio vx37l vizio 6870c-0158a t con board vizio many models 1701-0527-5010 base stand vizio vo32l hdtv10a polaroid flm-323b base stand cmf083a sound/inputs/tuner board toshiba 50hp66 cef156a or oec7147b-007 main board toshiba 50hp66 TOSHIBA 42HL196 INVENTER BOARD VIT70023.50 MASTER. BACKLIGHT INVERTER SLAVE VIT70023.51 TOSHIBA 42HL196 Toshiba LCD Controller FHD-CM 35-D013124 42HL196 T-CON 569ha0969e main board insignia ns-lcd37 PE0135A-1 INPUT/AUDIO/VEDEO BOARD TOSHIBA 42HL196 e3761-053020-2 tuner board akai lct2785ta e3761-058010-2 main board ilo pdp4210fa1 6871qzh049b z sus board 6871qch066h logic control board ilo pdp4210fa1 0171-2272-2174 or 3637-0082-0150(4d) main board vizio vx37l ja05986-c key board hitachi 42hdt52a 942-200455(f) buffer board ja05986-a input board hitachi 42hdt52a 3501q00105a rev b power supply ilo pdp4210fa1 42PFL3704D/F7 BASE STAND PE0081 OR A5A001750010 HDMI BOARD TOSHIBA 32HLC56 runtka516wjzz or dac-60t016 invertor sharp lc-42d85u top SSI400-10A01 INVERTOR FOR SONY KDL-40EX401 4H.V1448.341/B2 INVERTOR FOR TOSHIBA 32HLC56 FHDMB4C2LV1.4 OR 431-9 LCD CONTROL BOARD SONY KDL-40EX401 ssi460-24c01 invertor samsung ln46a850s1f 1-876-291-12 or a1511390d power supply sony a15J2090351 MAIN BOARD FOR NEC LCD461006072c or 1-867-561-13 main board sony kdl-46v4100 460WSC4LV0.4 LCD CONTROL BOARD NEC LCD4610 lj44-00110a power supply dell w4201chd fs-hbc2lv2.4 lcd control board son ssb460ha24 rev 0.3 invertor sony frcm-tcon-v0.1 lcd control board samsung ln46a850s1f base stand kdl-46xbr4 J2060214 INPUT BOARD NEC LCD4610 KLS-460S24A INVERTOR BOARD NEC LCD4610 KLS-460S24B INVERTOR BOARD NEC LCD4610 bn44-00242a or pslf311501c power supply samsung ln46a850s1f bn41-01070c or bn94-02088e main board samsung ln46a850s1f tnpa4659 ss board panasonic th-42px80u 715t2091-c audio board norcent 27" norcent lt-2790 base stand L404G6/L464G7-LF OR J2050041 POWER SUPPLY NEC LCD4610 a1553193a or 1-877-053-11 invertor sony kdl-46vl160 bn44-00150a or sip52 power supply samsung LN-T5265F a1553193a or 1-877-053-11 invertor sony kdl-46vl160 bn44-00150a or sip52 power supply samsung LN-T5265F LN-T5265F main board bn97-01835q or bn94-01518q LN-T5265F main board bn97-01835q or bn94-01518q inv52b24e(ll) invertor board samsung ln-t5265f 6871qdh067a buffer board tnpa4774 sc board panasonic tc-50px1 3647-0012-0150(5d) or 0171-2272-2235 main board vizio gv47l bn96-10941b or bn97-03035m main board samsung ln40b550k1f dps-475ap or 0500-0507-0260 power supply vizio gv47l 0171-2871-0124 or 3647-0012-0137(4b) board vizio gv47v fhdtv10a KLS-400S24A INVERTOR BOARD REV 0.6 NEC LCD4010 tda2009a audio amp ic 400W2C4LV0.5 LCD CONTROL BOARD NEC LCD4010 1-881-683-11 OR S9102-1 MAIN BOARD SONY KDL-40EX40 sbx1637a sony audio board inv52b24e(lU) invertor board samsung ln-t5265f 312926857368 MAIN BOARD PHILIPS 47PFL3603D/F7 J2060222 POWER SUPPLY NEC LCD4010 APS-254 POWER SUPPLY SONY KDL-40EX401 bn44-00242a or pslf311501c power supply samsung ln46a850s1f J2090252 MAIN BOARD NEC LCD4010 J2060213 PWB AV BOARD NEC LCD4010 KLS-400S24B INVERTOR BOARD REV 0.6 NEC LCD4010 tnpa4659 ss board panasonic th-42px80u tnpa4644 sc board panasonic th-42px80u tnph0786 main board for th-50ps14 bn41-01070c or bn94-02088e main board samsung ln46a850s1f frcm-tcon-v0.1 lcd control board samsung ln46a850s1f ssi460-24c01 invertor samsung ln46a850s1f runtka516wjzz or dac-60t016 invertor sharp lc-42d85u top t370xw01 05a20-1b lcd control board polaroid flm-3732 6870vs1768e(0) dmd board zenith 44" dlp tv vit7101052 polaroid invertor board rev 5 flm-373b LIGHT ENGINE DN10X OR 509000310 SHARP XR-11XC QPWBND147WJN1 OR DUNTKD147WE POWER SUPPLY/BALLAST BOARD SHARP XR-11XC PROJECTOR runtka515wjzz or dac-60t016 invertor sharp lc-42d85u buttom bn44-00192a power supply samsung ln-t3253h lsep1279 power supply panasonic tc-50px1 bn41-00849a key board 320wtc2lv4.8 lcd control for ln-t3253h tnpa4780 su board panasonic 50" tnpa4781 sd board panasonic 50" ssi320a12 invertor for samsung ln-t3253h tnph0800 main board panasonic tc-50px1 lcd control board for samsung ln26a450c1d tnpa4848 sc board panasonic tc-50px1 i260b1-12d invertor board samsung bn41-00965a main board for samsung ln26a450c1d bn44-00191b power supply samsung ln26a450c1d a1128941b or 1-865-223-21 main board sony klv-s26a10 1-873-856-21 or a1313996b input board sony kdl-46xbr4 1-874-137-22 or a1269502a tuner board sony lj97-00624a invertor sony 1-866-978-11 or a1107288a sony input boars klv-s26a10 715t1961-d main board norcent lt-2790 runtka291wjzz and runtka292wjzz invertor b oards sharp lc-46d92u PE0103D-1 OR V28A00009701 POWER SUPPLY TOSHIBA 32HLC56 PE0103D ORV28A00009702 TOSHIBA INTERFACE BOARD 32HLC56 runtka289wjzz and runtka290wjzz two invertor boards sharp lc-46d92u 260w3c4lv5.0 lcd control board sony 1-873-813-13 or a1362549b power supply sony kdl-46xbr4 w320ta or 48.3zb07.011 key board 1-873-846-14 or a1418995a main board sony kdl-46xbr4 1-865-240-31 or a-1128-514-a power supply sony klv-s26a10 310431360954 main board philips 42pf7421d/37 PE0102C-1 OR V28A00009601 INPUT BOARD TOSHIBA 32HLC56 1-871-229-12 or a1204352d main board for sony kdl-46v2500 a1257224b digital board sony kdl-46xbr4 sony kdl46v2500 base stand Samsung LN-40B540 BN63-05571a Pedestal Stand DUNTK139WE OR QPWBXD139WJN2 MAIN BOARD SHARP XR-11XC PROJECTOR 0171-2271-3274 OR 3637-0562-0150(4G) MAIN BOARD FOR VIZIO E370VL DPS-192AP OR 0500-0407-1020 POWER SUPPLY/INVERTOR BOARD VIZIO E370VL 1801-0530-9020 base stand for vizio e370vl SANYO DP32640 BASE STAND DPS-127AP OR 2950255501 POWER SUPPLY/INVERTOR BOARD SANYO DP32640 1lg4b10y04100 pwb main n7hk sanyo dp32640 BASE STAND FOR PHILIPS 37PF9431D/37 OR Philips 37PF9631D/37 lj41-01199a x sus board samsung hpn5039 aa41-00836c digital board samsung hpn5039 aa41-00837b analog tuner board samsung hpn5039 base stand for samsung hpn5039 6871qyh048b y sus board dps-185kp-2 power supply philips 32mf337b/27 philips 32mf337d/27 main board das2pqmb031 rev c philips 32mf337b/27 base stand lj41-04516a or lj92-01436a y sustain board samsung hp-s5033 pspf501a01a power supply samsung hp-s5033 bn97-00974b or bn94-00971b main board samsung hp-s5033 base stand toshiba 40rv52u pk101v0830i or fsp245-4f01 power supply toshiba 40rv52u stx40t vtv-l4007 rev 1a main board toshiba 40rv52u sync60c4lv0.1 lcd control board toshiba 40rv52u ssi400-16t01 invertor board toshiba 40rv52u bn96-03060a power supply samsung ln-s2641d bn94-00963a main board samsung ln-s2641d hiu-641c invertor board samsung ln-s2641d PSA10992D OR RUNTKA214WJZZA INVERTOR BOARD SHARP LC-40C32U JC278A61U OR 2202517301 MAIN BOARD VIEWSONIC N2750W VIEWSONIC N2750W LCD SCREEN REPLACEMENT NA18106-500203 X SUS BOARD SAMPOO NA18106-500303 Y SUS BOARD SAMPOO 42" PLASMA SUS BOARD SAMPOO 42" 310432847531 OR 310431360822 POWER SUPPLY PHILIPS 37PF9431D/37 TOSHIBA 40RF350U BACKLIGHT INVERTER SSI400HA22 VISIT OUR STORE AT 404652FHDSC2LV0.2 LCD CONTROL BOARD FOR 40RF350U TOSHIBA TOSHIBA 40RF350U TV Pedestal Stand 6632l-0193a invertor board philips 42pf7421d/37 Item image TOSHIBA PE0452A-1 V28A000567A1 40RF350U MAIN INPUT BOARD PE0434 MAIN BOARD TOSHIBA 40RF350U 6632l-0194a or kls-420w1sd-b invertor board philips 42pf7421d/37 PE0451A INTERFACE BOARD TOSHIBA 40RF350U 6870c-0045b lcd control board philips 42pf7421d/37 310432843892 subpower supply philips 42pf7421d/37 PE0450A POWER SUPPLY TOSHIBA 40RF350U panasonic th-50px77u base stand 0171-2871-0313 audio board vizio sv420xvt1a 0171-2272-2654 or 3642-0492-0150(4b) main board vizio sv420xvt1a 310430339583 or 310432836212 power supply philips 42pf7421d/37 pphilips 42pf7421d/37 base stand tnpa4134 logic control for th-50px77u 212a4001 main board mitsubishi lt-40151 934c3360 or 212a02501 power supply mitsubishi lt-40101 0171-4072-0044 scaler board 3642-0012-0185 6870c-0202b lcd control board vizio sv420xvt1a base stand vizio sv420xvt1a tnph0692 main board panasonic th-50px77u 6632l-0482b invertor vizio sv420xvt1a tnpa4186 sc board th-50px77u SSI400-10A01 INVERTOR FOR SONY KDL-40EX401 tnpa4189 sd board th-50px77u tnpa4188 buffer board su th-50px77u tnpa4187 ss board for th-50px77u etxmm655meh or npx655me-1b power supply panasonic th-50px77u sabre pdt425bka base stand EPD-42Q5BN Board Number(s) ELD-3225AK DTV Board E81-U028-30-PB0 for sabre pdt425bka lsep1279 power supply panasonic tc-50px1 tnpa4781 sd board panasonic 50" 1-881-683-11 OR S9102-1 MAIN BOARD SONY KDL-40EX401 FHDMB4C2LV1.4 OR 431-9 LCD CONTROL BOARD SONY KDL-40EX401 tnpa4780 su board panasonic 50" 40/46/52hfmc6lv0.6 lcd control board mitsubishi lt-40151 J2090252 MAIN BOARD NEC LCD4010 APS-254 POWER SUPPLY SONY KDL-40EX401 tnph0800 main board panasonic tc-50px1 gtw-p42m102 main board gateway ssi400-20b01 invertor board mitsubishi lt-40151 tnpa4848 sc board panasonic tc-50px1 VISIT OUR STORE AT sharp lc-20sh6u base stand 404652fix2hc6lv1.2 lcd control board sony qpwbxd673wjn1 main board sharp lc-20sh6u pwbfd675wjzz invertor for lc-20sh6u 942-200462 x sus board marantz pd6120d/u1m viore v42nagi base stand BA94H0G04011 HDMI BOARD PHILIPS 42PFL3704D/F7 kd057we or qpwbfd057wjn3 invertor board qpwbxd424wjn1 main board sharp lc-20sh3u tnpa3903 dg board for th-42px60u duntkd368we power supply sharp lc-20sh3u TOSHIBA 42HL196 INVENTER BOARD VIT70023.50 MASTER. 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